The Marmora Volunteer Fire Company


The Captains in the Marmora Volunteer Fire Company are chosen by the Chief after a rank board and interview process has been completed. Captains are chosen based on experience, training, and leadership ability. Captains serve at the pleasure of the Chief and it is at the Chief's discretion to appoint a Captain based on the needs and structure of the Marmora Volunteer Fire Company. At the present time 7 Captains serve the Marmora Fire Company. 4 Captains serve as officers on each of the 4 apparatus, 1 Captain serves as the engineer, 1 Captain serves as the training officer, 1 Captain serves as the assistant Safety Officer and 1 Captain serves as the Captain of the Fire Police.

On the emergency scene, the Captains are responsible to respond to the Station and respond the apparatus, properly manned and in the correct running order. During response Captains are to make sure the apparatus uses the correct response routes and arrives on the scene safely. Upon arrival on the scene, Captains are to take command of the incident in the absence of a Chief officer, and/or to follow through the orders given by the incident commander to safely mitigate the incident and return the apparatus to service. In cases of low manpower, Captains must be able to move up and down the chain of command. Depending on the situation, they may be required to serve as incident commander, operations officer, apparatus driver or firefighter. They must be able to handle all of these positions professionally and with pride. Marmora Fire Company Captains respond on any apparatus, not just the apparatus they are assigned. 2 of the Staff Captains (Engineer and Training Officer) respond with the apparatus as needed. The assistant Safety Officer and Fire Police Captain respond directly to the scene to perform their assigned tasks.

The 4 apparatus Captains are in charge of their assigned apparatus and their personnel for maintenance, training and readiness purposes. The Engineer is responsible for all of the apparatus on the engine room floor for routine and non-routine maintenance. The Training Officer is responsible for the training program of The Marmora Fire Company.

The assistant Safety Officer handles Right To Know and assists the Safety Officer with safety training programs.

The Fire Police Captain is responsible for the Fire Police.

Captain Kurt Austin

Tanker 1545

Marc Hemby
Serving Since 1980

Life Member

Captain Mike Endicott

Engine 1531

Mark Barham
Serving Since 2004


Captain Mike Endicott

Heavy Rescue 1570

Michael Endicott
Serving Since 1995


Captain Bill Miller

Fire Police

William Miller
Serving Since 1981

Life Member

Captain Doug Stauffer

Training Officer

Douglas Stauffer
Serving Since 1991


Captain Don Tomlinson

Safety Officer

Donald Tomlinson
Serving Since 1978

Life Member

no photo

Tower 1550

Noah Bromhead
Serving Since 2013