The Marmora Volunteer Fire Company

Life Members

Active life members shall be elected to the company because of outstanding service to the organization after twenty (20) years of service. Such active members shall pay no annual dues but shall retain voice and vote.

Life members shall be recommended for membership by the Board of Trustees and voted upon by the membership of the company. This category is intended to recognize either outstanding service to the organization or consistent activity over a period of at least 20 years.

It is an honorarium and is not to be issued carelessly, i.e., it is not to be issued to reward a member for the mere payment of dues. If consistent activity is to be the basis, then the member must have fulfilled attendance requirements for at least 20 years.

Persons recommended for life membership shall be announced by the Trustees at the January meeting, indicating the individuals service and activity in the company, and voted upon at the February meeting.

Francis McGlynn Frank Vinnacombe Kurt Austin
Walter Jack Louis Sanders Jeffrey McIntyre
Conrad Lea Joseph Moyer Jeffrey Pierson Sr.
Charles Battersby Sr. Joseph Lovette William Miller
Charles Cossaboone Jr. Jules Klain Tom Kruegl
Charles Brown John Foley Robert Macom
Edward Clark George Adams Russell Barham
William Haynes Ralph Clayton Sr. Robert Millar Jr.
Stanley Totten James Jack Joseph Moyer III
Firman Schenck Wilfred Lea Brian Baughman
Richard Sharp Sr. Louis Haines Sr. Jeffrey Pierson Jr.
James McGinn Carl Madden  
William Pfander Bruno Tropeano  
William Lafferty Edward Getty Joseph Moyer Jr.  
Roy Gaunt Richard Lee  
Burt Costigan Charles Rutter  
George Grubb Robert Lea  
Eugene Pashley Sr. Edwin Kooker Sr.  
Kevin Springer Benjamin Smith  
Henry Schneider Thomas Ward  
William Bianchini Edward Jones Sr.  
Richard Fosbenner Sr. Robert DiNicolantonio  
Leonard Clark Sr. Edwin Kooker Jr.  
John Gandy Phillip Ireland  
Morton Biggs Jr. Donald Tomlinson  
Hobart Sapp Jay Newman  


*Active Life Members