The Marmora Volunteer Fire Company

Safety Officers

There are two personnel assigned to the Safety Office of the Marmora Volunteer Fire Company. One holds the rank of Deputy Chief and is assigned as the Safety Officer. The other holds the rank of Captain and is assigned as the Assistant Safety Officer. The Safety Officer is responsible for the safety programs and overall safety of the Marmora Volunteer Fire Company. He is also responsible for developing and implementing standard operating procedures for the company and for keeping company personal records in order and up to date. The Assistant Safety Officer assists the Safety Officer in the duties listed and handles the Marmora Fire Company's right to know files and MSDS files. Both Safety Officers review, update and implement our Respiratory Protection Plan and keep track of any injuries and/or insurance claims.

The Safety Officers both assist in setting up and implementing the training program of the Marmora Fire Company. At each training session one or both lead a Safety briefing. Both Safety Officers assist the Chief in specifying and purchasing the best firefighting equipment to keep our operation safe.

Operationally, both Safety Officers respond to the scene of all incidents that the Marmora Volunteer Fire Company responds. On the scene the Safety Officers assist the incident commander with accountability and overall scene safety for both firefighters and civilians. You will not see Marmora Fire Company Safety Officers take command of incidents or act in an operational role unless specifically directed to do so. This keeps them free to do their job... Safely. If an after action review is indicated, the Safety Officers take an active role in that session.

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