The Marmora Volunteer Fire Company


The Fire Chief shall have full authority over the management and operation of the company and its apparatus at fires, drills, exhibitions, and emergencies, the Fire Chief shall determine which members of the company are to be allotted fire fighting gear. He shall appoint such assistants as he shall deem necessary for the efficient operation of the company.

All officers and members of the company shall be subject to his orders during all emergency operations of the company. He shall, subject to approval by the membership, arrange and maintain plans for mutual assistance between Marmora and other neighboring emergency units. He shall investigate and make recommendations concerning the purchase of new equipment.

In an emergency, he shall have authority to use company funds for the necessary repair and replacement of equipment under his jurisdiction so as to keep the equipment in operating condition.

He shall provide the Trustees with an inventory of fire fighting equipment by March 1st of every year. He shall publish such directives, rules, policies and operating procedures for the safe and efficient fire fighting and training operations of this company.


Jay Newman
Serving Since 1978

Life Member








Past Chiefs