The Marmora Volunteer Fire Company

Deputy Chiefs

There are two operational Deputy Chiefs in the Marmora Volunteer Fire Company. In the absence of the Chief one of them would command the incident. If an incident commander is already in place, the Deputy Chiefs would be placed into the incident command system as needed by the incident commander. Usually one is placed as the operations officer, and the other as water supply officer or as an interior operations officer. On most of the mutual aid calls, the Deputy Chiefs respond immediately to the scene of the incident to assist the incident commander in the placement and utilization of Marmora's manpower and equipment. Deputy Chiefs in the Marmora Volunteer Fire Company must be able to fill a variety of rolls and move up and down the chain of command as needed. In times of short manpower, a Deputy Chief could serve in the roll of firefighter, engineer, Captain or incident commander.

The Deputy Chief's non-emergency incident duties include issuing of personal protective equipment and gear. The Deputy Chiefs also provide valuable input on the purchase and procurement of firefighting equipment and on the training and standard operating procedures of the Marmora Volunteer Fire Company.


Russell Barham
Serving Since 1986

Life Member


Mark Newman
Serving Since 2008